Lament to Autumn

Foolishly, I went looking for signs of her.... Today, I put on my coat and boots and put the leash on my dog to take her for a walk.  A moment before I left, a random thought comes to my mind and I grab my camera, hoping maybe I will see something of interest.  Excitement… Continue reading Lament to Autumn


What Do We Remember?

I had thought carefully on whether I would write on this topic.  I will admit, I was going to avoid it but after much more thought and several conversations, I decided I should. Remembrance Day is something we Canadians (and other Commonwealth nations) observe every year on November 11th.  This day is largely known as… Continue reading What Do We Remember?

Art Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

A few nights ago, I had the privilege to experience something magical in my current home of Fort McMurray.  With our Friday evening free, my wife and I decided to take a performing arts tour around the city being offered by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, known as igNGHT.  I will admit, I was… Continue reading Art Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night