Who am I?

CJ Bowers is a mysterious being who lives in the northern reaches of Alberta, Canada. He is a writer, actor, painter, photographer, and an active supporter of the arts community in his current home of Fort McMurray. While his focus is writing, he often finds inspiration for his work in other artistic endeavours, as well as the people and the landscapes that surround him.

In 2015, with the encouragement of a friend, he founded his website, the CJBuzz. The original focus of this website was to feature writing that talked about life in Fort McMurray but has grown to include creative writing, fiction, recipes, arts, and animal welfare. Since its inception, he has posted 120+ pieces on the CJBuzz, and he has been published several times in Northword: A Literary Journal of Canada’s North.

When he isn’t writing, CJ works with the Fort McMurray SPCA with a focus on pet adoption and rehabilitation. He is a strong advocate for responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and is a critic of breed-specific legislation.

He was nominated for a Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Award for Literary Arts in 2019 and again in 2020.

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