Confused and Contemplating – Screw It, I’ve Gone Camping

This past weekend, I went camping for the first time this year. We packed too much food, too much drink, and had far too much fun. The sun was scorching, and the bugs were...tolerable. Surrounded by good people (within COVID guidelines, of course), it was nearly a perfect weekend! The one thing I couldn't help… Continue reading Confused and Contemplating – Screw It, I’ve Gone Camping

Fort McMurray, May 2016

Looking Back

A week ago, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo declared a State of Local Emergency. This time, not because of a fire or flood. This time, due to the current rate at which this pandemic seems to be spreading in our region. The numbers are unbelievable. To make matters worse, a few days ago, the… Continue reading Looking Back

Food & Drink

By Any Other Name

It's Friday night. You're excited for the weekend, and you decide to splurge a bit on dinner. You look at the menu of your favourite restaurant, and your mouth begins to water when your eyes fall upon your chosen morsel - your prey for the evening. Seven beautiful ounces of perfectly cooked sirloin paired with… Continue reading By Any Other Name