Fossils in Focus: Triceratops

Millions of years ago, in an age unlike ours, there existed creatures of size and scope that we can only dream of. Creatures so large, wondrous, and mysterious, that they capture the imaginations of both children and adults alike. I'm talking, of course, about dinosaurs. Why dinosaurs, you ask? Well... They say everybody has a… Continue reading Fossils in Focus: Triceratops


Open & Anxious

It's finally happened. After 15 months (or more) of varying lockdown stages, Alberta has announced that we've hit our targets in COVID cases and vaccination percentages. The result? As of July 1, we can relax most of the public health measures currently in place. What does this mean? No more masks. Little to no limits… Continue reading Open & Anxious


Confused and Contemplating – Screw It, I’ve Gone Camping

This past weekend, I went camping for the first time this year. We packed too much food, too much drink, and had far too much fun. The sun was scorching, and the bugs were...tolerable. Surrounded by good people (within COVID guidelines, of course), it was nearly a perfect weekend! The one thing I couldn't help… Continue reading Confused and Contemplating – Screw It, I’ve Gone Camping