Just a Matter of Time

We are all time travellers. There. I said it. Am I crazy? Maybe. But hear me out before you judge me. And before your imagination goes out of control, no, I don't mean like Back to the Future where you hop into a hyper-marketed, underperforming, stainless steel toaster on wheels, plug in your preferred date,… Continue reading Just a Matter of Time

Fort McMurray

The Weather Outside Is Frightful…and That’s It

Holy merciful crap, is it ever friggin cold! I'm not going to lie. I've lived in Fort McMurray now for nearly 10 years, and I'm still shocked and amazed when the temperatures suddenly drop like a stone because winter has decided to throw a tantrum. Today is one of those days. I will give yesterday,… Continue reading The Weather Outside Is Frightful…and That’s It