Beer Advent 2017: All-Star Edition

The air is cool, the snow crisp and the trees sway back and forth in the wind releasing the fresh, resinous scent of pine.  The amber glow of dusk approaches sooner in the day and the people of Fort McMurray are racing to get home and sit next to crackling fires bundled beneath warm blankets. … Continue reading Beer Advent 2017: All-Star Edition


Pet Parenting: A Story of a Dog Named River

Anybody that tells you owning a dog does not qualify you as a parent is either doing the dog thing wrong, or angry that their special snowflake, angel of a darling child has now been compared to a hairy, flatulent, trouble maker who likes to chase after squirrels and lick their own crotch. I have… Continue reading Pet Parenting: A Story of a Dog Named River

Beer Advent 2016: Round Three, FIGHT!

We've officially gotten halfway through the beer advent calendar; another six beers have shown their labels and been consumed in the name Christmas cheer.  I could waste your time by writing some petty words, but I think we're beyond that at this point.  How about, we dive on in? December 13th: Nøgne Ø Adventurous Brown… Continue reading Beer Advent 2016: Round Three, FIGHT!

Beer Advent 2016: The Adventure Continues

When last we left our hero, he was tipping back a pint of Sweet Krampus.  Another six days have passed and another six beers have been released from their cages.  What did each door on the beer advent calendar reveal?  Have I been sipping on decadent delights?  Delicious draughts? Disgraceful disasters?  Keep reading as I… Continue reading Beer Advent 2016: The Adventure Continues

Beer Advent 2016: Old World Countries, New World Beers

I look outside and I see the sun setting  over the frost tipped trees of the boreal forest; the land around me covered in a powdered layer of pure white snow.  The lights outside are slowly coming on one by one and the world is illuminated again in a sea of various shades of reds,… Continue reading Beer Advent 2016: Old World Countries, New World Beers