Lessons of a Showman

Expectations can be hard to live up to. I know I'm not the only person who's ever had this thought; expectations of career, expectations of love, expectations of yourself. There are all kinds. These are the thoughts that can haunt you, plague you, and turn your insides out if you let them. I've recently had… Continue reading Lessons of a Showman


Common Sayings That Are Stupid

Have you ever found yourself having a great conversation with someone and then suddenly, without warning, they drop some sort of random wisdom or common phrase that leaves you scratching your head? These sayings can have many names depending on the context; idioms, proverbs, or aphorisms to name a few. They aren't all the same,… Continue reading Common Sayings That Are Stupid

Fallen Leaves

Where There’s Smoke

Emma breathed deeply as her eyes slowly and reluctantly opened, stinging from the harsh morning light that pierced through the trees above. She did not move; her surroundings steadily took shape about her and she continued to stare upwards as her vision gradually adjusted to the unforgiving brightness. A horrible, unshakeable pain rang through the… Continue reading Where There’s Smoke


My Inner Struggle: Quiet or Loud?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Have you ever been asked this question?  Have you ever asked yourself this question? I ask myself this question every day. Extroverts are easily spotted by their outgoing and expressive nature. They seem to find joy in social engagements, being in crowds, networking and starting/carrying conversations. Seems like… Continue reading My Inner Struggle: Quiet or Loud?