Craft Beer: How I Hate Thee

I hate craft beer. The term, anyway; not the beer itself. For those that know me, you might find that to be a strange statement considering that I’m always drinking them – I’m always looking for a new and exciting beer to try. I love finding one that is a limited edition or made with… Continue reading Craft Beer: How I Hate Thee


Beer Advent 2017: The End?

As we approach the new year, you can bet on one thing being completed; yes indeed, I finished all 24 beers of advent.  T’is true!  I will also confess the fact that I am once again a few days late in posting my final review.  Like many others, I decided to use my days off… Continue reading Beer Advent 2017: The End?

Medieval Cooking – Modern World: Pork Pie

After many a day, you and your companion have finally reached Blastenburg Castle to discuss business with the lord who resides within its walls.  Upon you arrival, Lord Covenbrand greets you with open arms and ushers you into his study to discuss the reason for your summons.  The room is decorated with ornately carved dark… Continue reading Medieval Cooking – Modern World: Pork Pie

Beer Advent 2017: Aftermath of the Belgian Invasion

Friends.....I have a confession.  I needed a day off.  The first eight days hit me pretty hard.  I have never had so many Belgian style ales back to back to back.  Unfortunately, in order to give my system the break it needed, this led to me being a few days behind in the beer advent… Continue reading Beer Advent 2017: Aftermath of the Belgian Invasion

Medieval Cooking – Modern World: Leek Soup

Weary from your travels on the muddy dirt road, you and your companion seek shelter for the night.  A wind begins to howl and the trees begin to sway back and forth.  A chill in the air sinks into your damp clothes and you shiver as the dark clouds loom overhead.  Your stomach begins to… Continue reading Medieval Cooking – Modern World: Leek Soup