Beer Advent 2017: The End?

As we approach the new year, you can bet on one thing being completed; yes indeed, I finished all 24 beers of advent.  T’is true!  I will also confess the fact that I am once again a few days late in posting my final review.  Like many others, I decided to use my days off… Continue reading Beer Advent 2017: The End?


Beer Advent 2017: Aftermath of the Belgian Invasion

Friends.....I have a confession.  I needed a day off.  The first eight days hit me pretty hard.  I have never had so many Belgian style ales back to back to back.  Unfortunately, in order to give my system the break it needed, this led to me being a few days behind in the beer advent… Continue reading Beer Advent 2017: Aftermath of the Belgian Invasion

Beer Advent 2016: Round Three, FIGHT!

We've officially gotten halfway through the beer advent calendar; another six beers have shown their labels and been consumed in the name Christmas cheer.  I could waste your time by writing some petty words, but I think we're beyond that at this point.  How about, we dive on in? December 13th: Nøgne Ø Adventurous Brown… Continue reading Beer Advent 2016: Round Three, FIGHT!

Beer Advent 2016: The Adventure Continues

When last we left our hero, he was tipping back a pint of Sweet Krampus.  Another six days have passed and another six beers have been released from their cages.  What did each door on the beer advent calendar reveal?  Have I been sipping on decadent delights?  Delicious draughts? Disgraceful disasters?  Keep reading as I… Continue reading Beer Advent 2016: The Adventure Continues

Beer Advent 2016: Old World Countries, New World Beers

I look outside and I see the sun setting  over the frost tipped trees of the boreal forest; the land around me covered in a powdered layer of pure white snow.  The lights outside are slowly coming on one by one and the world is illuminated again in a sea of various shades of reds,… Continue reading Beer Advent 2016: Old World Countries, New World Beers

BeerAdvent 2015: I Just Got Run Over by a Reinbeer

The final stretch at last! 24 days have gone by so quickly, it barely felt like any time at all.  Day after day of mystery, and before I knew it I was pulling the last advent beer out of the box. It has truly been a fantastic and interesting experience.  Now, without further delay, we… Continue reading BeerAdvent 2015: I Just Got Run Over by a Reinbeer

BeerAdvent 2015: Part Deux

I have continued my quest, opening each panel in turn.  Every day reveals another beer; another unique experience as we inch closer and closer to Christmas.  Some of them great.  Some of them.....not so much. For those who aren't following so far, I am currently going through an Advent Calendar filled with mystery beers.  Each… Continue reading BeerAdvent 2015: Part Deux