Fossils in Focus: Mosasaur

Remember that scene in Jurassic World? The movie where the giant meat-eating fishy dino jumps out of the pool like a dolphin and eats the shark whole? Pretty cool, right? Yeah... that's probably not what they were like at all. I love the Jurassic World/Jurassic Park franchise, but they really love to embellish quite a… Continue reading Fossils in Focus: Mosasaur


Common Sayings That Are Stupider

Ha! And you thought we were done with these? A few months back, we explored the fun of the English language in Common Sayings That Are Stupid. Now, we covered a lot in that one session. However, we've only scratched the surface on the fantastically terrible colloquialisms, idioms, and proverbs that seem to exist purely… Continue reading Common Sayings That Are Stupider


Common Sayings That Are Stupid

Have you ever found yourself having a great conversation with someone and then suddenly, without warning, they drop some sort of random wisdom or common phrase that leaves you scratching your head? These sayings can have many names depending on the context; idioms, proverbs, or aphorisms to name a few. They aren't all the same,… Continue reading Common Sayings That Are Stupid