Craft Beer: How I Hate Thee

I hate craft beer. The term, anyway; not the beer itself. For those that know me, you might find that to be a strange statement considering that I’m always drinking them – I’m always looking for a new and exciting beer to try. I love finding one that is a limited edition or made with… Continue reading Craft Beer: How I Hate Thee


Beer Advent 2018: An End to Mediocrity

On the last eight days of advent, my calendar gave to me... December 17 - Morpheus Saison Brewery: Brouwerij Alvinne Origin: Belgium Alcohol: 6% This beer seemed rather unremarkable at first; the label was clean, simple and plain.  But then, you open the bottle.  You get one warning - this bottle will explode in your… Continue reading Beer Advent 2018: An End to Mediocrity

Beer Advent 2018: Part 2 of a Holiday Roller Coaster

Ho Ho Ho!! Another 8 beers on the go! December 9 - Galaxy Hoppy Belgian Blonde Brewery: Ugly Duck Brewing Co. Origin: Denmark Alcohol: 6.5% The first thing you'll notice about this beer is its extremely artsy label.  Once it is poured into the glass, you'll see it is a cloudy golden colour with a… Continue reading Beer Advent 2018: Part 2 of a Holiday Roller Coaster