Tales from the North: Exodus

I wake up this morning and I realize that I am looking at a completely different world.  The room that I wake up in is not mine.  The items carefully placed in it are not of my choosing.  I continue rubbing my red and stinging eyes as the world around me finally comes into focus.… Continue reading Tales from the North: Exodus


Tales from the North: My World’s on Fire

I didn't go to work today.  I'll admit it without any hesitation.  I'm not sick and I'm not playing hookie, so to speak.  I made this decision after spending an evening watching large clouds of thick dark smoke blot out the sun and wild flames engulf acres of trees.  I made this decision because of… Continue reading Tales from the North: My World’s on Fire

BeerAdvent 2015: I Just Got Run Over by a Reinbeer

The final stretch at last! 24 days have gone by so quickly, it barely felt like any time at all.  Day after day of mystery, and before I knew it I was pulling the last advent beer out of the box. It has truly been a fantastic and interesting experience.  Now, without further delay, we… Continue reading BeerAdvent 2015: I Just Got Run Over by a Reinbeer

BeerAdvent 2015: Part Deux

I have continued my quest, opening each panel in turn.  Every day reveals another beer; another unique experience as we inch closer and closer to Christmas.  Some of them great.  Some of them.....not so much. For those who aren't following so far, I am currently going through an Advent Calendar filled with mystery beers.  Each… Continue reading BeerAdvent 2015: Part Deux