Blogging 101: What’s in my head?

Hello to any brave enough to read this….

That is how I thought I would start.  Registering a blog website, getting the domain name, picking colours – those are the easy parts.  Typing out your first words? Not so much.

Much like one’s first steps, it takes a moment or two to really get your legs;  your hand hovers over the keyboard and there’s a momentary pause.  Starting points are hard and now that I’m here I have the task of figuring out what to write about.

It has occurred to me that writing is something I enjoy.  I’ve enjoyed it in the past and I’m enjoying this little introductory blurb that someone will read someday….maybe.  I find it relaxing, reflective, creative and fun.  If you ARE indeed reading this then congratulations!  You have the esteemed privilege of being reader number 1 (estimated)!

So what am I going to write about you ask?  Anything and everything!  I hope you follow along as I may or may not have several thoughts, epiphanies, experiences, cooking recipes and pictures.  We’ll talk arts, entertainment, politics, and world events.  There is no limit really.  I will have good days of writing and bad days of writing.  I may write about something one day and then decide further on down the road that what I wrote is complete garbage.  The important thing is that I write.  Not because it needs to be read, but because I simply want a chance to write it all down and share with those that are willing.

I will admit, I’m a little scared to do this first post but being scared is a good thing as it helps keep you moving.  This is my chance to open up.  As for what’s in my head, I believe that Ramblings are probably the best way to describe it so let’s start there…….


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