Creative Writing, Theatre

The Last Curtain: A Ghost Story

For six long weeks, we’ve been a family.  Many of us had already worked together.  For some, we met as complete strangers.  Over time though, the goal we set out to achieve bound us together.  I watched with delight as we rehearsed and built our characters up layer by layer until they were real people; equal parts a whole new person as well as a piece of the actor playing the role.  We brought these characters to life; we made them whole.

Show after show, we made audiences laugh, cry and cheer.  We had them in them in the palm of our hands and they were along for the ride as we told the story we had come to know and love.  But tonight is closing night, and the final curtain draws near.  One by one, the actor’s exit in turn, having performed their last scene.  Each time, I can see the character they portrayed leave them and wisp away as if a spirit had been laid to rest.  Our story has come to an end.

The last bows are done.

The dressing rooms lay empty.

The theatre lays silent.

All that remains are the ghosts we leave behind.

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