Creative Writing, Pets, Rescue

Lost and Found

My best friend left me all alone,
No more home to call my own.
He took me for a ride one day,
Up, front seat, and down I lay.

We drove a time in pure bliss,
I did not know things were amiss.
We had not gotten very far,
And then he took me from the car.

To a place that smelled quite strange,
I was not ready for this change.
I wondered how long we would stay,
But he dropped the leash and drove away.

There’s people now surrounding me,
I start to shake just like a tree.
A stranger urges me to follow,
But they don’t understand my sorrow.

They take me to a place that’s loud,
I am but one now in a crowd.
In a cage, they’ve placed me safely,
I walk on in and act quite bravely.

Night now comes, it’s cold and dark,
The only noise I hear is “Bark!”
I look out through the bars and see,
Pairs of eyes staring back at me.

Each new day brings many faces,
From so many different places.
I do not know what’s going on,
Do I need to stay so long?

A day, a week, a month, a year,
Every moment brings new tears.
The others seem to come and go,
Yet I’m still here, each day a “no.”

I’ve now stopped looking at the faces,
From all of those different places.
I do not care about the food,
I am no longer in the mood.

Toys no longer carry meaning,
Why play when everyone is leaving?
This floor, these walls, are my few friends,
Is this how I am now to end?

And then, one day, you came for me,
Looked in my cage and set me free.
You gave me hugs and kisses too,
And told me I am your rescue.

You did not care that I was old,
Or needed training and be told.
You did not mind that I had scars,
Inside and outside, no more bars.

You took me home, bought me a bed,
You made sure each night, I was fed.
We went for walks and to the park,
And told me we would never part.

My friend who left me is forgotten,
Why remember what is rotten?
I’m now as happy as can be,
I’ve finally found my family!


Photo Credit: MOON-flower

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