Creative Writing


The night slowly wakens
the sun gently falls
The dark has me shaken
my skin fiercely crawls

I find myself lonely
the forest so dim
Soon all kinds of creatures
sing their haunting hymn

The trees reach above me
their branches all curled
I’m frightened and jumpy
from this ghostly world

The ground foul and murky
grabs hold of my feet
The wind howls around me
I’m beaten by sleet

I close my eyes firmly
the stream roaring by
The horrors will find me
I think I will die

And then all a’sudden
a single faint light
What is it that’s coming?
I must use my sight

The bright light is dancing
and flickering too
And where it was shining
there now dances two

Three, four, five, six, seven
the lights brightly shine
The woods become heaven
a scene that’s sublime

Where gloom once invaded
soft green has replaced
All decay has faded
the dark is erased

The ground once so murky
is velvety moss
The stream burbles by me
its teeth it has lost

A gentle rain falls now
the droplets aglow
Above me the trees bow
no fear do I know

The dark is not always
at first what it seems
Make a stand, turn the haze
into better dreams

So when times are darkest
just open your eyes
Take courage in stardust
from these fireflies

Image credit: “Fireflies” by Zokwani

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