Another Day

I am tired.

Truth be told, I’m over this year. I was over it months ago, and with each passing day, my dislike for the year 2020 appears to be growing exponentially.

I have done my best to keep my head up and remain optimistic through the whole thing; I have tried to look for silver linings in this crappy hand we’ve been dealt.

It is hard.

Almost every aspect of my life has been swamped with people complaining about how difficult things are. I hear people’s frustrations, their mood swings, and their sadness. I’ve talked friends, family, and coworkers down from anger, cheered them up from being blue, and given them a shoulder to cry on. All the while, it feels like I’ve been taking blow after blow from all sides. COVID has not been kind to any of us.

I have vacations that have been postponed indefinitely. I have a niece I’ve never met. I have family I haven’t seen in what feels like ages. I have so many things I want to experience in life be put aside because the world is on hold. I am not alone in this; everybody is missing out on something.

Facebook is a burning heap of garbage. Feeds are being filled with things to make you panic, buy into the fear, or make you believe in conspiracies. People are tearing each other apart; brother has been pitted against brother – sister against sister. Masks or no masks? Vaccine or no vaccine? Control or freedom?




I. Am. Done.


…or am I?

Every day my alarm goes off, I get out of bed, I have a shower, I get dressed, and then I head to work. I am tired. But … this is a good day.

Every day I get to talk to a friend or family member on the phone or face to face … this is a good day.

Every day I get to play with my dog or cuddle with the woman I love … this is a good day.

Every day I laugh, cry, or scream … this is a good day.

And if that means I have to wear a mask, use gallons of hand sanitizer, keep my distance and avoid getting wasted on a pub night to keep having a good day, then so be it.

My friends, I am tired. I’m sure you are too…

But each and every tired day I get to wake up to is a good day. Continue to keep your heads up, look for those silver linings, show some empathy, and ultimately hold on to the hope of having a good day. There are so many that no longer have that option.

1 thought on “Another Day”

  1. Chin up Honey! Your other mother still loves you and misses you! So happy you have found a good woman to love. I hope she knows just what a treasure she has in you!❤️❤️😘😘


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