Why, America?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of modern-day America. I’ve never given America a fair chance, and, at times, I’ve been overly critical of our neighbour to the south.

Maybe this makes me an ass. I don’t know.

It’s unfortunate because I find America’s history to be a rich and fascinating one. Yes, even the bad parts; every country has got those. They have wealth, they have prosperity, and they have freedom. A good portion of the Americans I have met and know personally are fantastic people! The United States should be the envy of the world.

But sadly, they are not. And I do not envy them today.

Today I am horrified.

What’s taken place in the last 24 hours, as well as the last 2 months, is an absolute disgrace. The “greatest country on earth,” the shining pillar of democracy, ravaged by vandals, rioters, domestic terrorists, and claims of voter fraud. How does this happen in a supposedly civilized society? How does this take place in a country that people across the world supposedly look up to?

Yesterday, people who claimed to want to protect the constitution, the law, and the people’s will stormed the Capitol Building. They smashed windows and doors, they made threats, and they participated in a whole host of illegal activities including acts of vandalism and violence. And for what? Because the guy you like didn’t win? Because the system is rigged? Because he told us to? Because one guy is a racist and the other is a socialist?

SOMEONE IS DEAD. A total of four people, actually, if the reports are accurate. They are gone. They are not coming back. They have been extinguished because you ass-hats can’t get your shit together.

America was formed on the principle of getting rid of one King. Why would you replace him with another? That isn’t what your republic is supposed to be about. Or did I miss something?

I don’t care who you voted for.

Republican? Democrat? You have a right to vote for whomever you choose.

You want to find ways to keep voter fraud from happening?

Great! I’m all for it. There’s always room to improve.

Nowhere does it say you have the right to hulk-smash your way into a government building to get your way.

You are supposed to be “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Isn’t that how your pledge goes? Of course, you’ll all have different opinions. Of course, you’ll all never fully agree on everything. But that’s why you have a democracy. That’s why you are THE democracy. Right? You have the power to change it. You have a system set up to do just that! It’s happened time and time again through the peaceful transition of power and the right to vote. And no, you’re not always going to be on the winning side. But you participate. The coin will flip, as it always inevitably does, and you will have your day. Democracy should be about balance. It should be about compromise. And what happened yesterday had nothing to do with either of those two things.

Today my heart breaks for America. Show us that you can still be a world leader. Show me that my skepticism of your republic is misplaced.


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