Opinion, Reflections

A Silent Battle

Somebody hates me.

Regardless of what I do, say, or how I feel, there is somebody out there that hates me. In fact, there are probably a few. More than a few. Or maybe just one. It’s hard to say. But I can tell you for a certainty that somebody in this world does not like me at all.

Now I know this sounds harsh and even, maybe, a little depressing. But it’s true.

The truth is that no matter how loved, quiet, invisible, giving, or famous you think you might be, there is somebody that, for whatever reason, hates you. From the worst of the wicked to the most pious of paragons, there is no escaping the fact that somebody does not like you. And unfortunately, there is probably very little you can do to change it.

I’ve sat with this thought in my head for a long time. It can lead to a rollercoaster of emotions; sadness, anger, depression, loneliness, and guilt. You can get stuck in that. Bogged down by it. Consumed by it. Until there’s nothing left of you, and you’re more of a husk than a person – a shadow of your former self. Until you hate yourself for it. And that hate will radiate outwards.


You can accept that you have nothing to apologize for, for being you.

I’ve often believed that there is no sense worrying about things for which you have no control. Try as I might, there will most likely always be a time where somebody looks at me with hatred, malice, or spite. They’ll spread rumours, call me names, and talk about me behind my back to others. They’ll do anything and everything to bring me down so. And it will work… if I buy into it.

The simple trick? I just don’t care.

If you don’t like me, I wish we could talk about the why. I’d like to have a conversation with you. I’d hope we could find a resolution to whatever differences we’re having. You have every chance to explain. But I’ll also understand if you don’t want to. I forgive you.

I’m not going to bother myself over you anymore.

I know myself. I know what I’m capable of. I know what I want to do and how I feel. I will do great things. I will make mistakes. I am far from perfect, and that’s ok.

But if you’re intent on hate, despite everything I just said, then it might be time to ask yourself why. Because this might have more to do with you than it does with me.

And if people were to spend half as much energy on themselves as they do pointing their venom at other people, imagine how much happier we’d all be. Imagine how much happier you’d be!

But that’s just my opinion…

Image Credit: Piky

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