Creative Writing

All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween
as we have come to know,

A time of year, in sunswept fall
and autumn’s gracious glow.

The leaves are falling from their trees,
the skies are darker still.

And come this night of fun and fright,
the children eat their fill.

For if you dress up to impress,
much candy shall you get.

But don’t tempt fate and stay up late;
a choice you may regret.

As night goes on, the streets will clear;
you may end up alone.

Just you and decorations now
look into the unknown.

When midnight bells begin to strike,
the children long in bed,

Listen close and you’ll hear the cries
of spirits long since dead.

So enjoy your eve of trick’r treat,
But linger not for long,

For all the dead are watching you;
they’ll haunt you with their song.

Image Credit: UnidColor

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