Those That Follow

Do you feel it?

The pinpricks on the back of your neck? You turn to look behind you, but there’s nothing there. The green and orange glow of another autumn evening illuminates the vacant street; the shadows draw longer and darker as the night slowly takes over. Not long ago, children ran about laughing in carefree glee, dressed up as demons, witches, firefighters, ghosts and characters of all sorts. But now…

Now you are alone.

The sun has long since dropped below the trees, but the lingering light remains…faintly. This should be a night like any other. But this eve, there is something different. The air is thin and cold. The infectious laughter that had filled the streets just moments ago has dimmed to nothing more than the worried whispers of the wind. A chill runs down from head to toe, leaving you with a sense of unease that can’t be explained.

Where did all those children come from? The ones with the masks and the costumes? There were never that many on my street before, you ponder. Where are they now? It seems they appeared out of the ether and disappeared just as quick.

And as you take your final steps home, you feel it again, on the back of your neck. The breeze picks up, and you swear you hear it. Hushed laughter amongst the dissonant rustling of the gnarled trees and withered leaves.

My friends, if you go out tonight, don’t stay out late after dark. Heed my warning, or you may just end up bringing something, or someone, home with you.

And they love to play tricks on the living.

Happy Halloween!

Image Credit: liasailor

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