Fort McMurray

Northern Heart

Amidst the rolling hills and sprawling plains,
Stands Fort McMurray, a city that remains,
A symbol of strength, resilience, and might,
A beacon of hope in the darkest of night.

The land of the north, where the cold winds blow,
The rivers run deep, and the snow falls slow,
Where the people are tough, and the spirit is strong,
The work is hard, and the days are long.

The aurora borealis paints the sky,
A mesmerizing spectacle for every eye,
And the endless expanse of nature’s best,
Reminds us all that we’re mere guests.

The city is a tapestry, woven with care,
With cultures and traditions, rich and rare,
Of First Nations’ wisdom, and immigrant dreams,
Hard work and courage, in spite of extremes.

In Fort McMurray, the spirit of the north,
Echoes through the land, from south to forth,
A place of beauty, a place of strife,
A place of hope, a place of life.

So here’s to Fort McMurray, a city so grand,
A place of wonder, a place of demand,
A home to many, a source of pride,
A city that’s here, and will never subside.

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