Blind Leading the Blind

In a world where critical thinking seems to be fading into oblivion, it is disheartening to witness the hordes of blind followers who mindlessly trail after their chosen leaders. Whether it’s Trudeau, Poilievre, Smith, Notley, Biden or Trump, people have become nothing more than sheep (sigh – I said it), content to graze on the scraps of information and ideas fed to them. It’s time to snap out of this hypnotic state and reclaim our individuality!

Why do we surrender our intellect and free will to charismatic leaders? Are we so desperate for someone to guide us that we forget to think for ourselves? It seems that the allure of charismatic individuals blinds us to their faults and limitations. We elevate them to demigod status, believing that they hold the solutions to all our problems. But let me tell you something: no one person possesses all the answers. Blindly following leaders turns us into mere pawns in their game, stripping us of our autonomy and stifling our ability to question. We pass the responsibility to fix things off to them without a second thought. And then often fall to cruel mob mentality when asking why?


“You must hate Alberta if you vote like that!”

Seriously? Grow up.

No leader, no matter how exceptional, is infallible. Yet, we continue to put them on pedestals, treating their words as gospel truth. We ignore their mistakes, their contradictions, and their failures. We refuse to acknowledge that leaders are flawed human beings just like us. We must break free from this illusion of infallibility and recognize that leaders can be wrong, misguided, or even corrupted by power. Blind allegiance only serves to perpetuate unchecked authority when we should be holding them all to account.

It’s time to break free from the chains of blind allegiance. These leaders are not the answers to your prayers. They’re supposed to be public servants. Not kings and queens. But for some reason, I feel like we’re seeing the same old crap with a different colour scheme.

I’m not here to persuade you not to vote. In fact, I encourage it. It’s the best way to make your voice heard. But please remember that it’s supposed to be YOUR voice. Not theirs. Don’t vote for a party simply because the leader is attractive. Or well-spoken. Or has told you of the dangers of the “other guy.” Don’t vote for a leader because your neighbour tells you that you should because “watch out!”

Vote for the local candidate who is going to represent you.

Vote for the local candidate that aligns with what you want out of this election.

Vote for the local candidate that you think will do an admirable job.

Vote your conscience!

My fellow Albertans, with a provincial election looming this weekend (or any future election for that matter), please read up on the policies. Do your homework. Understand their platform. Don’t fall for this cult of personality crap. If they are worth your vote, they’ll spend more time talking about what they plan to do, rather than what the other guy is doing wrong. Or at least, they should.

Make them earn your vote.

Maybe that’s naive. But guess what? I just don’t give a cluck.

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