Why I Give

What would you give to save someone you love?

So many of us live our lives, day to day, without a care in the world. We tend to focus our attention on whatever Facebook and other social media feed us without giving it a second thought. I’ll admit, I’m just as guilty as the rest of you on that one. I’m always curious to see what comes next…

What’s going on in the American Presidential election?

What celebrity is causing a kerfuffle this week?

Can a dolphin really slam dunk a basketball?

What is Trump up to on Twitter?

Top ten reasons for buying a lemming farm!!

These really are great distractions. But that’s exactly what they are…distractions. Check the news and you’ll find there’s a lot more going on. For example, how many of you caught the fact that Alex Trebek, longtime host of Jeopardy!, lost his battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer this morning? While reported in the news, it seems like more of a footnote when compared to the reporting about who the next king across our southern border will be or how many people hate masks this week. Ironically, I only found out hours later because somebody posted it…on Facebook. But that’s a whole other beef I won’t get into…

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, an estimated 228 people will die from cancer every day in 2020. That adds up to around 83,000 people by the end of the year. In addition, nearly 250,000 Canadians will be diagnosed this year with some form of cancer.

Do I have your attention now?

We can help. Every single dollar, volunteer, and minute spent on research, education, and treatment can slow, and hopefully, someday, stop the spread.

Not sure where to start? I hope you’ll take a look at my friend’s Movember team, the Stonecutters (link provided below). Even if you only donate enough for researchers to purchase one slide for a microscope, it could be that one slide that makes all the difference and leads to something big.

Cancer has affected all of us. I challenge you to find somebody that hasn’t been touched in some way by this horrific disease. Alex Trebek deserved better than this, but there are so many more whose names you will never hear in the news.

The aunts and the uncles who’ve suffered. The friends and coworkers who’ve fallen. The servicemen and servicewomen who live in constant pain. The dogs and cats who have given their all. The parents who will never see their children grow to be who they were meant to be. The children who were forced to grow too soon.

“It doesn’t matter what the strain.”

They are all deserving.

Please Donate!

Dave’s Movember Page

The Stonecutters Movember Page

Photo Credit: CarrsCrap

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