Flowers Red

People shout
A lot about
We go for king and country
But when its time
Some march the line
Towards uncertain duty

Lights a-rage
and fires ablaze
Their horrors can’t be unseen
Battles bound
Another round
They ache, they shake, and they scream

And when its done
For everyone
Their minds never quite the same
By loss of will
Some are there still
The wounded, the dead, the lame

And those who live
Hurt to forgive
Themselves for having days more
Years go by
And still we cry
For those who have gone before

We shan’t let
Ourselves forget
The ones who have paid our toll
Fields of red
Yet mark the dead
A flower for every soul

Children tall
Who gave their all
Never to see home again

Photo Credit: CorrenStormcrow

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