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The True Face of Winter

There was a time that I had believed Winter to be a loving and caring sister to Autumn; maybe lovingly wrap her sister in a thick blanket and tuck her in for a long nap. I’d always imagined that she would gently sing lullabies to her sister until she fell asleep. Then, as Autumn took a long and well-deserved rest, Winter would diligently sit by her sister’s side until she was ready to wake again.

There was a time I had believed Winter to be a caretaker of the world when the sun grows shy and the nights become long.

There was a time I had believed Winter to be beautiful.

There was a time…

But that time was long ago.

If you were to ask me today, I would say her intentions aren’t nearly as pure. One quick look around suggests her presence, and yet, I’m unable to truly see her. Oh sure, she can be nice when she wants to be. The good days were always incredible. The way she’d light up everything around me and warm my face suddenly and unexpectedly is a joy that’s like no other. We’d have fun, and we’d laugh, but it never seems to last. And when I try to see her…the real her…she’s gone, and I’m left with tones of dull grey amidst mounds of white that go on and on for as far as I can see; a never-ending and lonely monochrome landscape. I’d be lying if I said this was the first time this had happened. But the sad truth of it is, she’s done it over and over, and I kept coming back for more. Why? I’m not sure I really know the answer.

Endless walks with smooth fields of diamond white, shimmering in the blinding light. Ice sculptures, skating rinks, snow forts, and sledding – she has a natural ability to bring joy to so many. Even now, I can see the beauty in her – the beauty everybody sees in her. But her beauty is nothing but a mask. She hides herself well. And nobody can go from warm to cold as quickly as our dear Winter.

When you’re finally ready to confront her, she’ll turn on you quickly, trying to bury you in her fury. Sheets of white fall from the sky and hide her from view – a chilly smokescreen, soft in nature and harsh in intent. Your vision will blur, and you’ll be forced to abandon your search and seek refuge from her malice or be lost. Indeed, by the time she lets up, you may find yourself buried, and you’ll have to dig your way out to find her favour. And once you have, she would convince you of her beauty once again.

But we’ve been down this road before…

It can be quite interesting how perspectives can change over time. How you can see someone one way, and then finally, once the haze is lifted, you see them for who they really are. Then, no mask, game, or distraction will ever be able to hide them again.

My friends…

A word of warning. Don’t be fooled as I have.

Winter is not what she seems.

Image Credit: Zeragii

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