To Be

I’m weird. I’ll admit it.

I’ve got a touch of crazy in me. I’m strange. I do and say odd things. I make bizarre facial expressions that confuse people. I’ll crack terrible jokes that’ll make you roll your eyes (or good ones if you’re a person with taste). I’ll give an opinion, sometimes believing the person I’m talking to can separate the argument I’m making from political, religious, or personal agendas. I’m often wrong in that assumption…and I should know better. But I keep trying anyway.

And there’s more.

I have bizarre and varied tastes in music. I like good movies and love several bad ones, even after people have given me thousands of reasons why I should hate them. I have an inexplicable obsession with painting trees. I love the idea of hunting ghosts but would never want to meet one (if they exist). I think dinosaurs are the coolest thing ever, and you won’t convince me otherwise. I drink beers with abnormal ingredients and stupid names. Halloween is my favourite holiday…even though it’s not really a holiday. I cheer for the Edmonton Oilers.

No doubt, some people are far weirder than I. And that’s ok.

I believe, in this world, you have to have a certain amount of crazy to get by. There’s so much to explore and so much to experience that you almost have to be off your rocker on some level. Think about it – just about any job you’ll ever take on demands some level of crazy.

Circus performer? Potential of getting eaten by lions.
Firefighter? You run into a building that’s on fire.
Customer Service rep? You get yelled at by customers day after day….and keep coming back for more!
Scuba Diver? You know you’re not a fish, right?
Astronaut? You’re an astronaut! Enough said…

I am none of these things. But I’m positive that if you’re to get any enjoyment out of life, you have to be strange. You have to be unusual. You have to be…you. Don’t make any apologies or excuses for who you are. Don’t ever feel like you have to defend the things you enjoy doing. Just don’t be an asshole.

There are people in the world that will tell you to be “normal”… like them. I would advise caution when dealing with these people. Nobody is normal. And if they think they’re normal, that probably means they’re a special kind of crazy – the kind of crazy you don’t want to deal with.

So have fun. Be strange. Be a little nuts…

Be weird.

Life is far too short to be boring.

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