The Mirror

“What should I do?”

Now there’s a question! And a loaded one at that. There’s no simple answer either. Far from it, in fact. But it’s a question that gets you thinking. Truth be told, I had several topics I wanted to write about today, but I was having a hard time deciding (what a surprise).

How about…

Complaining about anti-maskers or terrible government management in a pandemic? Nah… too controversial.

A new bread recipe? Meh… too plain.

Commenting on the current state of roads in northern Alberta? That might push some buttons…another day, perhaps.

A new fictional adventure? Maybe…*sigh*… no. Too time-consuming.

All the ideas in my head and I couldn’t settle on one. So many paths to take, so many opinions to share. I was growing concerned that some of these may label me in a specific way. It was frustrating. So I asked myself, “what should I do?”

And I stopped dead in my tracks,

At that very moment, I came to realize how many times I’ve heard people ask me that question recently. In all honesty, I’ve never really taken note of it before, but something in my brain just clicked today. I don’t know why or how, just that it did. And I found myself thinking more and more about it because it doesn’t just stop at that one question – that one question can feed so many more.

“What should I do?”

“What do you think?”

“What do you want?”

Did you notice what these have in common with each other? They actually have very little to do with you. Sure, you’re the one doing the asking, but the focus is all wrong. Each one is being directed towards someone else. And I get it – you need some guidance. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody needs a little advice now and then, and that’s ok. But, the constant asking is troublesome – the incessant need for validation. Because ultimately, I shouldn’t be the one to answer these questions – the important questions – for you. You need to answer them for yourself.

It’s not always going to be easy. Sometimes we don’t like what we see in the mirror. But we all have choices to make. We all have lives to live. Yours belongs to you, and if you believe in what you’re doing, then it shouldn’t really matter what I think or say. And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help and support one another, but a life lived for others at the expense of oneself isn’t a life worth living. So turn these questions inward. Ask yourself…

“What do I want?”

“What do I think?”


“What should I do?”

Because if you do, you may finally be able to confidently answer one of the greatest questions of all…

“Who am I?”

Image Credit: ashpwright

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