An Adventure of a Lifetime

There are times in your life when you go out looking for a new adventure, and other times when a new adventure goes out looking for you.

Sometimes, both. I suppose this would be one of those stories.

I recently just came back from a trip to Las Vegas. For some of you reading this, that’s probably nothing too special, but it was my first time. Not from lack of trying or anything. But life and COVID had taken me in other directions. That is, until now. My wife and I were there for a whole week so she could show me around places that were familiar to her. Even better, we got to experience some new things together. To say I wasn’t prepared would be an understatement.

To start off, Vegas was everything I expected and more. The first few days were simply sensory overload. I had no idea where I was. There was so much to see. I didn’t even know where to begin. As things progressed, I started to grasp my surroundings and situation. I got into a groove. Then by the end of the week, I was exhausted and ready to go home, but sad that it was over. Maybe that’s just the way trips go, but, for some reason, this felt entirely different.

Our trip out to the Grand Canyon was spectacular. We decided to opt-in for the helicopter tour – something we were on the fence about but glad we decided to do! The views were incredible, and there’s nothing quite like coming up over the side of a mountain and then diving into the canyon at sunset. The red and orange depths of the desert are incomparable to anything I’ve ever seen before. And unlike some of the other tours, we actually got to land down in the canyon itself. We weren’t on the outer ledge looking down like commoners. No, no! It felt like I was surrounded by a mountain range on my own private landing pad. In a way, I guess I was.

Did I gamble, you ask? Yes, indeed, you may ask.

Just kidding.

Of course, I did! Was I any good at it? Well, I’m certainly not a millionaire yet. Or a thousandaire. Or even a hundredaire. But I managed to hold my own at the tables a few times. Even though the front half of the week was met with semi-disastrous results. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t bring more spending money.

We ate great food, drank all kinds of beverages, and saw shows that made us laugh and gasp. If you ever find yourself in Vegas, check out Absinthe and KÀ; they were great! We even went to a rum distillery that was equal parts alcohol and entertainment. What’s not to like about pineapple rum while watching tango dancers fly about the room?

Ultimately, we had a blast. Occasionally, we even slept a little.

So why did the trip feel different, you ask? It seems like any other trip.

Well, to begin with, this will be our last big trip for a while, I would think. Second, my wife couldn’t drink on this trip (a new vacation style for her, but she did find it interesting). There’s something that we’ve been keeping quiet until now. Come this fall, we’re expecting something that will change our lives forever.

I’m beyond happy and anxious at the same time. And there are days ahead that I’m certainly not prepared for. But in that way, this previous adventure and the one ahead are almost certainly alike. The first bit will be sensory overload, uncertain of what I have to do. We’ll eventually figure it out and start to get into a groove. By the end of the week, I’ll most likely be exhausted. And I’ll also be sad that another week has gone by. But the one truth I know is that I am certainly not prepared for what’s coming. How could I be? How can anybody, for that matter?

I’m not prepared for this new adventure. But I am ready for it! … for you!

I only hope that, in your eyes, I prove myself worthy of being called “Dad.”

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