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Everybody Else is Wrong

The world is a mess.

There are times when simply getting through the day is a grueling, painful task. And then, just when you think you might make it to the end, you catch up on your usual media platforms and it all falls apart. Facebook, Twitter, and a whole host of other services are filled with rants and raves about how “X” is ruining the country. And that doesn’t even cover the news!

How many times have you heard the following:

  • “Those libtards are selling out their own country! This is treason. They should be hung.”
  • “Here we go! Another scam by the Cons. What a surprise! They don’t care what happens as long as they get their payout.” #evil
  • “Well, they don’t understand what’s really going on!”
  • Referring to all Liberals as the Extreme Left, or all Conservatives as the Extreme Right
  • The terms “snowflake,” “conservatwat,” “commie,” “conspiritard” etc…

It’s exhausting. It’s depressing. It’s an anxiety-fueled roller-coaster largely out of control and about to fly off the tracks.

Why, why why?!

One of the things that make living in a democracy great is that it’s in a constant state of change, adaptation, and evolution. We have multiple political parties and groups that cover just about any view or social issue that we can think of. The best part is, you get to choose depending on your individual life experience. In turn, the nation, policies and social etiquette can, and will, adjust every so often to reflect that.


It seems like we still can’t manage to get along. Too quickly, we revert to name-calling and mudslinging because someone has a different opinion than you. Holy crap! Say it isn’t so!! Obviously, you are more educated than most because you can’t possibly be wrong. How could they not see it? HOW DARE THEY!!

We also tend to get into debates and cries for political party “X” to leave office over opposing points of view or some sort of misconduct. Now, I know what’ you’re thinking. Do I condone illegal actions while holding public office, you ask? No, I don’t. I certainly believe in governments, politicians, and authorities being held accountable for their actions. However, don’t think for a second that gives you the right to use their missteps as a reason for why the group you subscribe to should be in charge instead.

Name one federal government in Canada that hasn’t been marred by some sort of scandal in the last 50 years. The last 100? The whole history of Canada? I’ll wait…

In truth, there are very few. Even Sir John A MacDonald, a founding father of Confederation, got caught up in the Pacific Scandal back in 1871 when it came to light that bribes were being taken to influence railroad contracts. This is not a new thing. Almost every government since confederation has been involved in some sort of scandal, affair, or wrongdoing. Which ones, you ask?

The King-Byng affair (1926, Liberal), the Munsinger affair (1960s, Conservative), the Airbus affair (80s/90s, Conservative), Shawinigate (1999, Liberal), Sponsorship Scandal (2004, Liberal), Robocalls (2012, Conservative), F-35 Scandal (2012, Conservative), SNC-Lavalin affair (2018, Liberal), and Blackface (2019, Liberal), just to name a few. The real list is much, much longer.

So please, tell me how anybody can claim the moral high ground?

We tend to focus too much on identifying as belonging to one team; the good ol’ mob mentality. If you aren’t with us, then you are against us. The idea that your core beliefs must be black and white. There is no in-between and you can’t step outside party lines.

That isn’t the truth though.

Liberals can love guns and be pro-life. Conservatives can go to bat for health care and want to fund schools. Both can be of immigrant families and both can be racist. There is no one formula.

And before you get angry with me, are you going to tell me that you believe 100% in everything your political party of choice says or does? That other political parties are completely off their rocker and don’t have a few good ideas? Not even one? If so, then I would take a moment to reflect. This isn’t just about politics.

It’s ok to think for yourself. It’s ok if you don’t agree 100% of the time. It’s ok for you to check your facts. And, just in case you weren’t listening, it’s ok for them too. Just because someone is wrong, doesn’t always make you right, and being right doesn’t necessarily make them wrong.

It’s time to grow up.

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